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How to Promote Yourself

Most people find the process of looking for and finding new work extremely frustrating...whether that's a new full time position or additional freelance /sub-contract work.

The major job boards and the use of the traditional "Microsoft Word style" CV are highly inefficient tools for the 21st Century job-seeker.... This whole system and methodology is built entirely to suit (and protect) recruitment agencies / consultants and not the candidate.

We have created a fantastic digital info-graphic CV...

This lets a candidate showcase their talents in a modern and professional manner. It produces a mobile friendly and interactive CV easy to read on a mobile or tablet. This enables you to take control of your own destiny with a unique personal URL (for example

As most employers would prefer to find someone that is personally recommended, then you can share your URL on social media (such as here on LinkedIn to your former colleagues and business contacts) and ask them to help connect you to opportunities / propagate to their network, and this is the most influential thing you can do.

In addition, communicating your URL via SMS or e-mail directly to key contacts with a personal note and specific details of your situation is also an extremely powerful way to leverage your infoCV. If you are in employment, this may be the preferred option.

The key benefit of an infoCV is that the reader (potential employer), can very quickly and easily establish suitability of experience / skills of the candidate in a visual and interactive manner. This is much more efficient and effective than scanning through the pages of text of a Word document!

There is a privacy setting to make your infoCV confidential, and can then only be accessed with a security pass-code, so therefore only by people you issue the code to.

You can create an infoCV by uploading your existing CV and be instantly ready to promote yourself, and is supplemental to any job board searching / agencies that you are already working with. If you do see a relevant job on a board or with an agent, then you can simply output your infoCV into a Word template and create a PDF to use to apply.

However, most candidates have successfully connected with employers directly through their own contact network, and this is by far and away the most powerful way to promote yourself.

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