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How to rank your CV in Google

Imagine being in the top results of a Google search for your beautiful new interactive digital iCV...  Well this is no dream, it's the reality..

Follow our top tips for how to rank your CV in Google...

SEO Search Term

Choose a phrase that covers your job headline and location in 3 or 4 words that you wish to be searched for on Google; for example:

"Retail Finance Director Manchester"

"Fashion Sales Director Aberdeen"

So, the more specific you can be, then the more likely you are to be higher up the rankings i.e. "Director London" would be harder to rank that "Experienced Non-Executive Director London"

Update your iCV

You will enter your SEO search term into the control panel, and make sure confidentiality is switched off.

Ensure the phrase is also included in your elevator pitch - so for first example above "Professional and commercial Retail Finance Director based in Manchester with over 20 years' experience".

Use the key words from the SEO phrase throughout your iCV in the appropriate place in career history and skills / achievements.

Share to Social Media

Links and traffic from other sites to your iCV are really powerful boosts, and so please post your URL to any, and as many relevant sites as you can.

Ask friends to share and like etc.

Please tag us when doing this, and we will share to our network too, and help propagate.

Google Search Results

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees with SEO and Google Ranking, but it's well worth a little effort above as the results are powerful, and in the worst case you have at least got your iCV out into the public domain and in front of potential employers.

The team here at infoCV are dedicated to helping, and so if you need any assistance, then we would be delighted to help you in any way we can, just get in touch.

Please share this link "How to Rank Your CV in Google" with your network too as helps our overall site SEO for everyone's benefit.

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