Why should I subscribe?
Subscribing guarantees your own personal web address (URL) to display your infoCV, which you can retain for the rest of your working life. We hope over time that this will become as important as your personal phone number, e-mail address and will be the catalyst for you to promote yourself to many new opportunities. This is likely to be the single most important document in your business career, and so it is worth devoting some time and effort now.

What about privacy?
We don't actually upload and save your current Word or PDF CV, we just provide the means for you to display your current data in a more web and mobile friendly way. If you register or subscribe then your personal infoCV data is securely stored in the cloud. You have a further security protection option any time to make your infoCV hidden if you don't want it publicly accessible.

How much does it cost?
The basic subscription costs just £10 for 3 months, in which time you have hopefully found a new position, or if not then this can be further extended. At the end of the subscription period your personal data remains securely stored and login remains active, so at any time in the future you can re-subscribe and update your infoCV. We have a concessionary rate for Students or Unemployed Jobseekers of £1 which provides a subscription for as long as it takes to get employment.

How do I pay?
We currently have a secure payment checkout with PayPal. You can pay either with an existing PayPal account or using a card as a guest. If you are unable to make payment via PayPal, then please get in touch via the contact form, and we will arrange an alternative method.

How do I get my unique URL?
Subscribers are issued immediately with their own personal URL. This provides a simple sharing link which can be sent instantly via SMS or e-mail and onto social media as appropriate.

How do I add company logos?
Logos or pictures can be simply uploaded from within our editing template. They provide a great visual enhancement to your infoCV and let a potential employer instantly recognise important and relevant work experience.

Can I print my infoCV?
Yes, anyone looking at an infoCV can create a print layout that downloads into Microsoft Word and then print or add notes. It is anticipated that prospective employers may find this feature useful if they have shortlisted a candidate and which to make interview notes.

Can I get help with the content?
Subscribers will get customer service help with all aspects of their infoCV layout and technical assistance. We are not able to help with your written content, but have an number of affiliated professional CV and resume writing partners who use infoCV, and we will refer you to the appropriate one to discuss your requirements.

I can’t login or have forgotten my or password...
Please use the contact form to let us know of any problems – we will always aim to resolve these as quickly as possible.