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Frequently Asked Questions

Does an infoCV help me get a job?
Yes, an infoCV gives you an additional tool to help find that next position, and ensures that you stand out from the crowd. You are much more likely to find work through your own network and leveraging connections than through the traditional job boards / agencies. Your personal infoCV URL lets you promote yourself, either publicly or confidentially, and instantly impress prospective employers in a visual & interactive manner. This is a powerful approach and can be supplemental to normal job search methods, letting you take back some control of your destiny.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
Artificial Intelligence is the clever stuff that's happening behind the scenes that means the computer can interrogate your existing CV and pick out the correct data to create the interactive timeline, and highlight your key skills and achievements to promote yourself.

Why should I subscribe?
Subscribing guarantees your own personal web address (URL) to display your infoCV, which you can retain for the rest of your working life. We hope over time that this will become as important as your personal phone number, e-mail address and will be the catalyst for you to promote yourself to many new opportunities. This is likely to be the single most important document in your business career, and so it is worth devoting some time and effort now. We can optimise this for SEO (i.e. to have your infoCV Rank in Google!), and gain access to print format and confidentiality options.

What about privacy?
All personal data is securely stored in the cloud, and your personal data is totally private until you are ready to share your infoCV. Further privacy / security protection is optional at any time to make your infoCV hidden if you don't want it publicly accessible.

How do I get my unique URL?
Subscribers are issued immediately with their own unique, personal URL. This provides a simple sharing link which can be sent instantly via SMS or e-mail and onto social media as appropriate.

How do I add company logos?
Logos or pictures can be simply uploaded from within our editing template. They provide a great visual enhancement to your infoCV and let a potential employer instantly recognise important and relevant work experience.

Can I print my infoCV?
Yes, anyone looking at a subscribed infoCV can create a print layout that downloads into Microsoft Word and then print or add notes. It is anticipated that prospective employers may find this feature useful if they have shortlisted a candidate and which to make interview notes. You can use this yourself if you wish to upload a PDF document to a job board.

Can I get some help?
Please get in touch if you are having any difficulties and we'll try and help.

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