Interactive Digital CV Template

Welcome to the world's first on-line interactive digital CV... infoCVTM

infoCVTM uses Artificial Intelligence to help improve content and layout of your existing CV and produce a digital interactive (mobile friendly) format with a personal URL.

All data is securely hosted in the cloud, and our easy to use on-line editor can be used on any connected device, means you can easily update additional information, your picture or company logos to visually enhance your basic CV.

Your own unique URL will enable you to share your new CV by e-mail, text and onto social media to enable you to help promote yourself.

If you wish it to remain confidential and ensure only people you have approved can see your CV then tick the box in the control panel and it can only be accessed with a private password.

There is an additional option to create a print CV template (in Microsoft Word) should this be required, although in the 21st century we hope that the digital exchange of the URL will be sufficient in most cases.

We can also help promote your CV on our social media feeds and via e-mail to help connect to our network of employers and recruiters as appropriate.

Please upload your existing CV document into our AI interface and you can instantly see how it might look, and then you can choose to register or subscribe if you wish to save and progress.